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As a marketing professional in the blockchain community, you know it can be tough to find a writer who understands the challenges of marketing an initial coin offering (ICO).  Harder still to find a writer who understands the innovative solutions your coin offers. Solutions that achieve positive outcomes for your clients, your community, and the environment.

It is important to find an ICO writer who understands those challenges and their solutions.  Equally important is a writer able to write a compelling white paper and effective supporting copy. Whether it’s the all-important white paper or all the supporting copy – web sites, landing pages, blog posts, emails – your writer must be able to help you persuade and educate investors.

I am that writer. As a scientist and engineer, I have the in-depth knowledge to assimilate, analyze, and communicate complex concepts in layman’s terms. I am also an AWAI-trained copywriter and certified content marketing specialist.

Not only can I help you by writing effective content and copy, I know when to leave the jargon in and when to take it out.


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ICO Writer Services

ICO White papers

An effective ICO white paper uses simple language to explain complex solutions.  I understand the science and technology behind your product, your solution.  I can translate that complexity into easy-to-read content for a lay audience.

Web copy

I can help you develop copy for your project website that will build awareness and generate leads to prospective buyers. At a minimum you will need:

  • webpage copy that describes your offering, your team, your roadmap,
  • a landing page for your ICO white paper, and
  • a blog for informing and engaging the crypto community.

Blog planning and writing

Blogs are an incredibly powerful yet cost-effective way to raise awareness in the crypto community.  Consistently publishing quality content on your blog will keep you top of mind with your prospective investors. I’ll work with you to identify topics for your blog that will engage the community and draw in new leads.

Contact me today for all your ICO content marketing needs.



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If you are interested in top-quality freelance ICO writing, please contact me:

  • by email at cj@icowriter.com
  • by phone on +61 405 557 048 (AEST),
  • fill out the contact form below and I will contact you.

I look forward to working with you

Regards Colleen