How to Market an ICO – Action 2: Building awareness and authority with a project website

A 5-step action plan to launch your solution


The project website is a fundamental part of your ICO marketing. By designing a site that provides a seamless visitor experience, your offering stands out from the crowd. And there is a crowd. The website contains all the information in the ICO white paper, and more. It displays your brand and validates your claims.

With input from graphic and web designers, establish a theme for the site that showcases your offering. Make sure the site is robust, secure, and easy to navigate. Keep branding consistent and make sure all copy is clear and professional. Make sure ICO project website is ready to go before the white paper is published.

This series of posts, How to Market an ICO: A 5 step action plan to launch your solution, describes a 5-step action plan to market your ICO. The second action is to develop a project website that builds awareness and authority.

Action 2: Building awareness and authority with a project website

Your website needs structure and content to encourage investment. You want your website to inform prospective investors while instilling a fear-of-missing-out.


All information on your website must be accessible in a logical and consistent way. A good way to make sure all information is on the site and in a logical structure is to build a site map. Get the team together and brainstorm page ideas. Sort the pages into categories and map them out.


All successful ICO project websites will have the pages dedicated to the following:

  • About Us
    • History of the company
    • Team
    • Partners, advisors, early adopters
  • Overview of the project
    • ICO White paper landing page (gated to collect leads)
    • Downloads
      • One-page summary of the ICO white paper
      • Case studies
      • Relevant research articles
  • Token sale structure
    • CTA link to pre-token sale or to get whitelisted
  • Roadmap with milestones and dates
  • Project Blog
  • Media
    • Press releases
    • Media coverage
  • Legal section

Put contact details on every page

Make sure your contact details are visible on every page. Place contact information in the footer or side bar and include links to social media sites.


Each project will have its own unique content needs that will be reflected in the site map developed above. However, there are critical elements that must be included for your offering to succeed.

Project overview

Explain the problem and how it affects the community. Go on to list the benefits provided by your solution. Benefits to the community and more specifically what buying your tokens will mean for investors.


ICO project website

Investors want to know you have a plan. On the website you have a perfect opportunity to explain the development roadmap graphic created for the white paper. Describe the project as a story, starting with the understanding of a problem that your ICO solves. Move through the roadmap explaining key milestones and defining key performance indicators.

Include set dates for your alpha release, beta release, public release, and all significant future milestones. Don’t be vague. In fact, be as specific as possible. Provide a breakdown of costs associated with each task for investor scrutiny. Transparency is the goal.

Token sale structure

One section that many ICOs fail to provide is a page devoted to the token sale structure. Provide a short summary of the token generation methodology. Include terms of the token sale, pricing, purchase methods, token distribution, fund allocation, etc. Give enough information to allow prospects to evaluate your tokens current worth and future value.

Have a prominent call-to-action so prospects can act. Tell them what you want them to do – buy tokens in most cases. Make it easy and secure.


Plan your blog as you plan the project website. Brainstorm with the team to develop a blog calendar. Start with keywords and keyword phrases that investors search for. By basing topics on keywords you improve your site’s SEO scores.

A blog is a longer-term marketing asset that will continue to provide value through the ICO and beyond to project implementation. Post consistently. Keep investors interested and involved. Monitor and reply to comments in a considered way. Provide value rather than a hard sell.


Have a page for a legal notice or a disclaimer, which should contain any important restrictions or notifications. These may be about exempting certain countries’ residents from buying the project’s tokens due to local laws, or simply letting future investors know that the investment itself won’t guarantee profits.

Create urgency

All your ICO marketing has one primary goal: to get investors to buy your token. Start-ups in the blockchain space move quickly and investors are eager to take advantage of opportunities. This can lead to investors fearing that if they don’t act quickly, the opportunity will slip away. This is the Fear-of-Missing-Out – FOMO.

Create FOMO on the front page of your project website by including a graphic of the token sale structure. From this graphic send the prospect through to the webpage that further explains the advantages of taking action now. Provide a clear call-to-action that instils a FOMO.


The ICO project website is a fundamental part of marketing an ICO. By using information from the ICO white paper, you not only have ready-made content, but you also show consistency in brand and information across the project. The website provides a platform for a project blog and a place for a landing page for the white paper. The site should be up and running before the white paper is ready to publish. Start building interest through site contents and a consistent blog.

Next week, the 3rd post in the series, How to Market an ICO: A 5 step action plan to launch your solution, explores the power of social media in: Action 3: Engaging the crypto community on social media.

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