The Truth about Your Project Blog

4 weeks to an awareness-generating project blog


You have a blog on your ICO project website. You maybe post occasional project updates. You use your blog try to sell your token. The truth is – that’s just not good enough.

Let’s think about marketing for launching your ICO and beyond.  What are you selling? Highly specialized and often complex technology that entails a certain amount of risk. These investments don’t sell themselves nor will the hard sell impress the people who invest.

consistent project blog

How will a project blog help you launch your ICO? What your audience needs is information.  Not just about your project but about the problems you will solve.

You gain trust by giving your audience quality information without a hard sell. An important channel for publishing this information is your project blog.

The first step in establishing an effective project blog is to sell it to your team. It is essential that the blog is adequately resourced, so consistency and quality is maintained. In this first post in the series: The Truth about Your Project Blog up – 4 weeks to an awareness-generating project blog, we identify four key benefits that will help sell your blog idea to the team.

Week 1: Benefits of a consistent project blog

Your project blog is a long-term marketing asset – a critical part of any inbound marketing program.  And although there are many direct benefits from maintaining a project blog, four stand out:

1:      Increasing traffic to your website

A conventional project website tends to be static.  You may occasionally publish updates or refresh some text, but the content mostly stays the same. With a blog, subscribers and new readers come to your site regularly for the fresh content.  Once they are there, they may browse other pages and find further value.

consistent project blog

Your white paper landing page, roadmap, and token structure page are all important pages to highlight.  Put in-links from keyword-optimized hyperlinks in the blog to increase traffic to these critical pages. In-links help boost your site’s status with search engines too.

2:      Building awareness of your offering

By sharing information, you to build awareness of your offering, your solutions. A blog is the perfect place to do just that. Think about what problems your project is addressing and the currently available solutions. With a consistent, educational blog, your project is more likely to come to mind when a prospective investor considers his options.

A key aspect of content marketing in general, and blogs in particular, is to avoid the hard sell. Your posts should inform and educate, not constantly blast your audience with ads, brochures, or technical fact sheets.

Convince prospects that you’re involved with and informed about the crypto community. Sharing information on your blog gives your readers insight into the value you offer. Guide your audience and educate them about your project and the problem it will solve. Help them understand the complexity of the problem and its solution.

3:      Moving your project website up the search engine list

Search engines love blogs. If you blog frequently – and frequency counts – you create more pages and more content for indexing.  This enhances organic traffic to your site when your blog comes up on the first page of a search.

Optimize each blog for keywords by developing blog topics around your keywords and keyword phrases.  Be aware though, ‘stuffing’ content with dozens of mentions of keywords is not optimizing.  In fact, search engines frown on the practice, which could lead to your site never appearing on the first page of Google.  Used strategically, however, keywords will bring more traffic to your blog and help to generate leads.

Remember that SEO is not limited to keywords anymore.  Search engines now assess the readability of content.  The idea is readers prefer content that is easy to read. Improving the readability and visual appeal of your project blog is the topic of an upcoming blog.

4:      Converting leads through Call-to-Actions

Blogs are a classic example of a top-of-sales-funnel tactic.  Prospects who come to your blog for the quality content can quickly become leads. Bring them further into the funnel with a clear, compelling call-to-action (CTA) each time you post.  Make the CTA relevant to the topic of the blog. Invite the prospect to download educational or useful content in exchange for contact information.

consistent project blog

An effective CTA leads to an offer that a prospect is willing to trade their contact information for. In general, you will use the white paper as your lead magnet.


Clearly, there are many benefits for a startup in the crypto community in maintaining an effective project blog. The benefits your solutions provide can be difficult to quantify. Investors want information. A blog provides a powerful platform to publish that information.

So, there are many reasons to love your project blog.  The big four are:

1:    Increasing traffic to your website

2:    Building awareness of your solutions

3:    Moving your project website up the search engine list

4:    Converting leads through Call-to-Actions

An effective project blog is a cost-effective way to raise awareness at the top of the sales funnel.  Consistently publishing quality content on your blog will position you as thought leaders in your field.  It keeps you top of mind with investors.

The trick, of course, is to post informative and interesting content consistently.  Next week’s post is all about blog planning, and how to develop a production schedule that will keep your blog on track.

What benefits do you reap from your project blog?

If your team is already working to capacity to deliver a quality offering for investors, how do you manage to produce and deliver a consistent quality blog?  ICO Writer can help!  I provide blog writing services that will keep your content machine running smoothly.  Contact me to discuss your blogging needs.


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