The Truth about Your Project Blog

consistent project blog

4 weeks to an awareness-generating project blog


You have a blog on your ICO project website. You maybe post occasional project updates. You use your blog try to sell your token. The truth is – that’s just not good enough.

Let’s think about marketing for launching your ICO and beyond.  What are you selling? Highly specialized and often complex technology that entails a certain amount of risk. These investments don’t sell themselves nor will the hard sell impress the people who invest.

consistent project blog

How will a project blog help you launch your ICO? What your audience needs is information.  Not just about your project but about the problems you will solve.

You gain trust by giving your audience quality information without a hard sell. An important channel for publishing this information is your project blog.

The first step in establishing an effective project blog is to sell it to your team. It is essential that the blog is adequately resourced, so consistency and quality is maintained. In this first post in the series: The Truth about Your Project Blog up – 4 weeks to an awareness-generating project blog, we identify four key benefits that will help sell your blog idea to the team.

Week 1: Benefits of a consistent project blog

Your project blog is a long-term marketing asset – a critical part of any inbound marketing program.  And although there are many direct benefits from maintaining a project blog, four stand out:

1:      Increasing traffic to your website

A conventional project website tends to be static.  You may occasionally publish updates or refresh some text, but the content mostly stays the same. With a blog, subscribers and new readers come to your site regularly for the fresh content.  Once they are there, they may browse other pages and find further value.

consistent project blog

Your white paper landing page, roadmap, and token structure page are all important pages to highlight.  Put in-links from keyword-optimized hyperlinks in the blog to increase traffic to these critical pages. In-links help boost your site’s status with search engines too.

2:      Building awareness of your offering

By sharing information, you to build awareness of your offering, your solutions. A blog is the perfect place to do just that. Think about what problems your project is addressing and the currently available solutions. With a consistent, educational blog, your project is more likely to come to mind when a prospective investor considers his options.

A key aspect of content marketing in general, and blogs in particular, is to avoid the hard sell. Your posts should inform and educate, not constantly blast your audience with ads, brochures, or technical fact sheets.

Convince prospects that you’re involved with and informed about the crypto community. Sharing information on your blog gives your readers insight into the value you offer. Guide your audience and educate them about your project and the problem it will solve. Help them understand the complexity of the problem and its solution.

3:      Moving your project website up the search engine list

Search engines love blogs. If you blog frequently – and frequency counts – you create more pages and more content for indexing.  This enhances organic traffic to your site when your blog comes up on the first page of a search.

Optimize each blog for keywords by developing blog topics around your keywords and keyword phrases.  Be aware though, ‘stuffing’ content with dozens of mentions of keywords is not optimizing.  In fact, search engines frown on the practice, which could lead to your site never appearing on the first page of Google.  Used strategically, however, keywords will bring more traffic to your blog and help to generate leads.

Remember that SEO is not limited to keywords anymore.  Search engines now assess the readability of content.  The idea is readers prefer content that is easy to read. Improving the readability and visual appeal of your project blog is the topic of an upcoming blog.

4:      Converting leads through Call-to-Actions

Blogs are a classic example of a top-of-sales-funnel tactic.  Prospects who come to your blog for the quality content can quickly become leads. Bring them further into the funnel with a clear, compelling call-to-action (CTA) each time you post.  Make the CTA relevant to the topic of the blog. Invite the prospect to download educational or useful content in exchange for contact information.

consistent project blog

An effective CTA leads to an offer that a prospect is willing to trade their contact information for. In general, you will use the white paper as your lead magnet.


Clearly, there are many benefits for a startup in the crypto community in maintaining an effective project blog. The benefits your solutions provide can be difficult to quantify. Investors want information. A blog provides a powerful platform to publish that information.

So, there are many reasons to love your project blog.  The big four are:

1:    Increasing traffic to your website

2:    Building awareness of your solutions

3:    Moving your project website up the search engine list

4:    Converting leads through Call-to-Actions

An effective project blog is a cost-effective way to raise awareness at the top of the sales funnel.  Consistently publishing quality content on your blog will position you as thought leaders in your field.  It keeps you top of mind with investors.

The trick, of course, is to post informative and interesting content consistently.  Next week’s post is all about blog planning, and how to develop a production schedule that will keep your blog on track.

What benefits do you reap from your project blog?

If your team is already working to capacity to deliver a quality offering for investors, how do you manage to produce and deliver a consistent quality blog?  ICO Writer can help!  I provide blog writing services that will keep your content machine running smoothly.  Contact me to discuss your blogging needs.


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How to Market an ICO – Action 5: Paid advertising for ICOs

A 5-step action plan to launch your solution


Along with publishing a white paper, developing a project website, actively engaging on social media, and listing on ICO-listing websites, you need to think about paid advertising.

Paid advertising is the quickest way to increase your reach on social media sites. Influencer marketing is gaining traction in the crypto community as is affiliate marketing. Specialist advertising services can get your ads placed on multiple cryptocurrency and blockchain websites.

This series of posts, How to Market an ICO: A 5 step action plan to launch your solution, outlines a 5-step action plan to market your ICO. In this 5th post find out why paid advertising for ICOs is so important to the success of your launch. The fifth action is to explore channels for paid advertising for ICOs.

Action 5: Paid advertising for ICOs

Be aware that advertising platforms are starting to place tighter restrictions on the content that can be promoted. You will need to avoid high pressure ads that try to sell a particular cryptocurrency or advertise an ICO; they will most likely be banned. Work around this by promoting a piece of free content, a webinar, or your social media group.

When drawing up your paid advertising budget you should consider some or all of the following channels.

Social media channels

Telegram, reddit, and Medium

You can pay to get more followers on your Telegram group, subreddit, or Medium blog, or onto your email list. Services like RateMember ( buy members for your Telegram groups and channels; even for more post views. There are similar services for increasing your reach on reddit and Medium. The more members/followers you want the more it costs.

Google and Facebook

In conventional marketing, Google and Facebook are the go-to advertising platforms. In marketing ICOs, however, that avenue has been blocked. In 2018 Facebook and Google banned all advertising for cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin and initial coin offerings.

Facebook has introduced a whitelisting procedure. You can try whitelisting your project by submitting their form, but the process is uncertain. It could take months to receive an answer. If you get one at all.

You can run paid ads for your ICO on social media sites, just pay close attention to the wording of your copy to ensure that it complies with any rules of the ad platform. For instance, Facebook released examples of copy that would result in an ad being banned:

  • “Click here to learn more about our no-risk cryptocurrency that enables payments to anyone in the world.”
  • “New ICO! Buy tokens at a 15% discount NOW!”

You can work around the ban on high pressure ads that try to sell people on a particular cryptocurrency or advertise an ICO by promoting a piece of free content (your whitepaper!), a webinar, or your social media group.

Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is an important channel with which to advertise your offering. Influencers are thought leaders who are respected for delivering expert opinions. They tend to have huge followings on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media channels. They educate investors by sharing authentic reviews, posting informative blogs, and publishing educational YouTube videos. Many of your prospective investors do not trust conventional advertising. These investors may trust influencers with a strong base of followers.

paid advertising for ICOs

There are many well-known ICO influencers who provide their services in the market with good results. They can give you a credible third-party opinion about your ICO. Make sure the influencer discloses that they are being compensated for their services.

The benefit of paying for influencer services is the relationship is highly controllable. You discuss and agree to content and messaging in advance and have the benefit of working in partnership to create output.

Affiliate marketing

paid advertising for ICOs

Another powerful advertising tool for ICOs is affiliate marketing. Affiliate programs for ICOs reward individuals for the number of successfully completed sales. Affiliate marketing benefits include bringing down marketing costs by only paying for clicks and conversions and by demonstrating transparency because the ICO is clearly paying when there’s a sale.

By definition affiliate marketing involves:

  • the affiliate’s website,
  • the buyer,
  • the affiliate network, and
  • the commission (earnings for completed sales)

It works as follows:

  • The affiliate chooses your product to promote with the help of the affiliate’s website.
  • The buyer clicks on the link on the affiliate’s site.
  • The affiliate network tracks the buyer to your site.
  • The commission is paid to the affiliate after the sale is successfully completed.

The affiliate’s website should contain information about and reviews of your product. In addition to the link to the affiliate network, provide links back to your project website.

Crypto and Blockchain advertisers

There are advertising networks like Cointraffic and CoinAd that specialize in getting ads placed on cryptocurrency-related sites. These sites provide native and banner ad placements.

Cointraffic, according to their website (, is the global marketing specialist for global crypto companies through their proprietary network. They claim to be able to make your project visible on over 400 crypto sites. They require a minimum deposit of €500 and recommend a minimum advertising budget of €5000.

CoinAd ( will place your ad on individual sites or across their network. Their pricing is based on the number of impressions an ad achieves. Minimum investment is 0.01 BTC with a full marketing campaign starting at $10,000 (currency not specified).


Paid advertising is a crucial action for success with your ICO launch. Paid advertising increases the power of your other actions: more downloads of the white paper, more website traffic, more social media followers. By clearly acknowledging payment, influencer and affiliate reviews and opinions add a level of transparency to your marketing.

This series of posts, How to Market an ICO: A 5 step action plan to launch your solution, has outlined a 5-step action plan to market your ICO:

  1. Writing a compelling ICO white paper
  2. Building awareness and authority with a project website
  3. ICO social media marketing
  4. Listing your ICO
  5. Paid advertising for ICOs

In coming weeks we’ll dive deeper into on-going content marketing for cryptocurrency and blockchain projects and businesses.

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How to Market an ICO – Action 4: Listing your ICO

ICO listing sites

A 5-step action plan to launch your solution


You are ready to launch. You published a white paper. You developed a robust, secure, informative project website. Your amazing team is actively engaging on social media. Now you need to think about listing your ICO on multiple rating platforms.

ICO listing websites provide a means to get your offering reviewed, rated, and listed on ICO calendars. Prospective investors frequent these sites before deciding where to invest.

This series of posts, How to Market an ICO: A 5 step action plan to launch your solution, describes a 5-step action plan to market your ICO. The fourth action is to get your offering listed on popular ICO listing sites. In this 4th post find out why and how to list your ICO.

Action 4: Listing your ICO

Although not as influential in the crypto world as it once was, Bitcointalk is still a very important forum for engaging investors. It should be your first stop when listing your offering. Launched in 2009, the forum quickly became a go-to resource for information about cryptocurrencies and all things blockchain, including dedicated ICO panels.

When launching your ICO you should seriously consider creating a Bitcointalk thread. You can find detailed instructions on their website (

Once your Bitcointalk thread is active start looking at listing your ICO on ICO listing sites.

How ICO listing sites work

ICO listing sites provide expert analysis and review of ICOs. Listing sites seek to provide insight, analysis, and information but stop short of giving investment advice. You can submit your ICO to be reviewed and listed if approved.

Searching and sorting

All sites place ICOs into 3 categories named something like:

  • Ongoing
  • Upcoming
  • Ended

Some add additional categories like:

  • Scams
  • Airdrops


ICO listing sites evaluate offerings and rate them on inhouse criteria. To get your site listed you must first get it approved. Each site provides a form for details about your project. Fill in the form with transparency and adequate detail.

Each ICO listing site rates projects based on their own ratings systems. Some sites rate offerings on a scale of 1 to 5; others on qualitative terms. A summary of each site’s rating system, where provided, is presented in the sections below.

Some popular ICO listing sites

There is a myriad of ICO listing sites out there, and many articles about the best, the most popular, and the most trusted sites. Your team will have to work out the best sites to list with. Think about your target audience and find sites that attract that audience. You can also enlist the aid of listing agencies that assist with the applications for review, for a price.

The following sections provide a summary of some popular ICO sites. They are presented in no particular order. Please note that there are many quality ICO listing sites not included in the list.

Top ICO List

ICO listing sites

Top ICO List is an ICO directory that’s curated by internal full-time ICO analysts. Their aim is to identify the best potential ICOs for investors.

Top ICO List assesses offerings based on four criteria:

  1. TEAM – relevant technical, financial, legal, strategy and industry expertise
  2. PRODUCT/VISION – look for solutions that solve real problems and generate competitive advantages using blockchain technologies
  3. TOKEN AND TOKEN ECONOMICS – benefits tokens provide for the early investors and end users; token economics that make sense
  4. MARKETING AND COMMUNITY – visibility and supporter base of the project.

They have a Top Picks page that lists their top picks of upcoming ICOs. Go for Gold here!

ICO Bench

ICO listing sites

ICO Bench defines itself as a free ICO rating platform and a blockchain community, supported by experts, that provides analytical, legal, and technical insights to investors.

ICO Bench rates offerings with both an inhouse assessment algorithm and the analysis of an independent team of experts. The assessment algorithm rates ICOs in four areas:

  1. TEAM – a good team is key to success
  2. ICO INFORMATION – investors need quality information about the offering
  3. PRODUCT PRESENTATION – investors need to know about the product and post-ICO plans and goals for the future
  4. MARKETING AND SOCIAL MEDIA – open communication is key to any ICO campaign

Experts analysing an offering are asked to rate the ICO on similar criteria: Team, Product, Business Strategy, and Resilience. Projects receive a rating between 1 and 5, 5 being best.

ICO HotList

ICO listing sites

ICO Hot List describes itself as an independently curated catalog of the most promising active and upcoming ICOs. Providing a catalog of opinions, reviews, and historical data, ICO HotList seeks to maintain authenticity in the crypto space by being an independent and honest source of information.

Every project listed is individually reviewed, using publicly available material. ICO Hot List analyzes each project, based on:

  • the technology,
  • the viability of the idea,
  • the tokenomics and sale structure,
  • the hype and participation risks,
  • legal strategy and vigilance, and
  • the members of the team, advisory board, and notable partnerships.


ICO listing sites

CoinSchedule provides all of the blockchain-related information people need in one place. The website aims to provide an intuitive and fast web platform for people to interact with the blockchain community. There is a recently added Chat forum that is free to join. Paid subscribers gain access to expanded features.

CoinSchedule developed an algorithm, TrustScore™, with scientists from the University of Oxford. The algorithm assesses the project, adding a layer of independent intelligence to their rating system. They claim TrustScore™ is immune to manipulation thereby helping people more effectively navigate the blockchain space and make better decisions.

ICO Rating

The mission of ICO Rating, as found on their website, is To serve as a source of accurate, unbiased analysis of the crypto market, helping to make informed decisions and stay up to date on the latest market trends.

On their ICO listing page, projects are assessed and assigned a risk score and a hype score. The risk-score assesses the risk of potentially fraudulent activities. The higher the risk-score, the less information there is on the details of the ICO campaign, product development, the team, and the documentation. The hype score shows the investor level of interest in the project. The higher the score, the more people might consider the project for future investments.

Under the Analytics tab, ICO Rating provides more in-depth analysis of selected projects for investors. Projects are rated as: Stable, Risky, Negative


ICO listing sites

Smith + Crown claims to be the world’s leading blockchain research organization. They study the public blockchain space with a focus on global trends, industry intelligence, and crypto-economic systems.

Smith + Crown maintains both a curated and comprehensive list of ongoing and upcoming ICOs. Their review involves several tiers of research, undertaken at their own discretion. They don’t perform in-depth research on every project. They provide the curated list as a service to the community and do not accept payment for listing.

Factors used to assess projects for inclusion in the Smith + Crown curated list are:

  • TEAM – transparent and verifiable identities with existing development expertise.
  • STATE OF DEVELOPMENT – public project code or working minimal viable projects; also consider pre-product stage projects with detailed white papers and modest raise amounts.
  • WHITEPAPER – must provide detailed information about the business plan and the proposed technology


ICO listing websites provide a means to get your offering reviewed, rated, and listed on ICO calendars. You want your offering where prospective investors find their information, information they use to decide to invest in your project.

Start with a Bitcointalk forum thread. Then list on as many rating platforms as you and the team think is required to bring in investors.

In the 5th post in the series, How to Market an ICO: A 5 step action plan to launch your solution, we’ll look at paying to advertise your offering in: Action 5: ICO paid advertising.

Are you looking for a white paper writer for your ICO?

A persuasive white paper uses simple language to explain your complex solution. I understand the technology behind your product, your solution.  I can translate that complexity into easy-to-read content for prospective investors.

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How to Market an ICO: Action 3: ICO social media marketing– 5 essential channels

ICO social media

A 5-step action plan to launch your solution


A key action in marketing your ICO is to engage the crypto community on social media. Using blockchain technology to raise capital through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) is, by definition cutting edge. Where will you find influencers and advocates for your ICO? Social media is where.

ICO social media

When you mention social media, most people think of LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter. Although these channels are important to your marketing there are some more powerful channels out there.

This series of posts, How to Market an ICO: A 5 step action plan to launch your solution, describes a 5-step action plan to market your ICO. The third action is to engage and educate your audience through social media. This 3rd post explains how to use social media to market your ICO.

Action 3: ICO social media marketing – 5 essential channels

One of the biggest challenges ICO marketers face is educating potential investors. Blockchain and cryptocurrency aren’t the easiest concepts to grasp, so start-ups need to publish quality content and build relationships on social media.

Communication is key and social media is all about communication. When marketing your ICO you should consider at least the following five channels.

  1. Steemit
  2. Reddit
  3. Telegram
  4. Quora
  5. Conventional social media.

1. Steemit

Steemit is a “blockchain-based social media platform” ( ), based on the STEEM blockchain. The interface allows members to view blog posts and post their own. You use the wallet interface to manage your STEEM, SBD, STEEM POWER tokens.

Steemit rewards people for creating and publishing content on the platform, based on the number of votes and the amount of STEEM POWER available. The platform allows only high-quality content to get up-voted, makes it a valuable channel for finding and engaging an audience.

You may even be reading this post on Steemit! If not you can check it out here:

2. Reddit

Reddit, the self-proclaimed “front page of the internet,” is actually a large collection of forums, where people share news and content, or comment on other people’s posts.

ICO social media

Joining Reddit is free although you can purchase Reddit Gold, the site’s premium membership program for $4 a month or $30 a year. You must be a member to post content.

Once you’re on the site (, you can search for topics that interest you. The search will return a list of posts on the topic and will suggest subreddits of interest. You will find that Reddit is broken up into over a million communities known as “subreddits,” each covering a different topic. The name of a subreddit begins with /r/, which is part of the URLs that Reddit uses. /r/icocrypto, for example, is a subreddit with discussions and reviews related to ICOs, Crowdsales and Token sales, while /r/blockchains is a subreddit for people to discuss blockchain technology.

ICO social media

3. Quora

Quora is a question-and- answer online forum, edited and organized by its community of users. Your identity is based on your interests and your expertise. Readers can see what topics you are interested in, and what questions you are answering.

ICO social media

Since Quora does not allow company profiles, the power here is in your team. Have your SMEs on the site with robust profiles and active participation. Why is it worth your while to pursue a Quora following? Quora allows you to:

  • Gain exposure to Quora’s millions of visitors worldwide.
  • Demonstrate your expertise on your topic.
  • Get insights from experts in your or any industry.
  • Directly answer questions about your business, products, or services.
  • Share content from other websites (including your own) in topic-focused boards on your profile.

4. Telegram

According to their website (find it at, Telegram is “a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app with a focus on security and speed.” Developed to replace/disrupt WhatsApp, Telegram supports similar communication functions: text messaging, phone and video calling, sending photos. Telegram, however, takes building and connecting with a community a step further with Groups and Channels.


Telegram groups are a powerful tool for building communities for your ICO. Use groups to keep in touch with your community of potential investors. Use group messages to educate members, answer questions, and supply updates.

There are two group types in Telegram. Telegram Groups are democratic by design, meaning any one can invite new members and even change the group‘s name and photo. Membership in groups is limited to 200.

You could set up a Groups for the project team to keep in touch with trusted partners, advisors, and first adopters. However, for larger communities with more reach you want more administration. Supergroups are a special restricted mode developed by Telegram. Supergroups can have up to 100,000 members and they are optimized to host large online communities.

In Supergroups, only administrators can add new members or change the name and photo of the group. You can define admin privileges with precision – from deleting messages to appointing new administrators.


Channels are an excellent tool for broadcasting your ICO updates to large audiences. Channels can have an unlimited number of subscribers; they can be public with a permanent URL; and each post in a channel has its own view counter. The view counter includes views from forwarded copies of your messages in the total count. Another benefit is that new members can see the entire message history in a channel — all the way to day one.

You can copy links to individual messages inside a channel and send these links to propects outside of Telegram You can post them to other social networks where following the link opens your Telegram channel and highlights the message.

5. Conventional social media


LinkedIn is one of the most popular media platforms in the crypto community. Crypto and blockchain groups that have tens of thousands of members are full of knowledgeable and professional people. Check out groups like: Blockchain Events and Conferences, ICO Event Promotion, New ICO Launch and ICO Initial Coin Offering.

It’s free to join and building your professional network will benefit both you and the ICO project. All team members must have profiles that include their relevant experience.

Provide links to any posts on the company website and be sure to reply to comments or questions.


Although ICO advertising has been banned from Facebook, it is still possible to build a strong community through pages and groups. Remember that Facebook has over 2.2 Billion active users!  When promoting your ICO, post news about your project every day. Post links back to your company blog and reply to all comments.


As with Facebook, Twitter has banned all the ads related to ICOs.  This doesn’t mean it isn’t still a valuable marketing channel. It is a very popular social media platform. Crypto influencers and companies are using Twitter to enhance communication with their community. They use it to announce updates, Leverage Twitter by communicating with companies in your niche, retweet their tweets and interact with them.


An important action in ICO marketing is engaging and educating your community on social media. Set up accounts on all five channels and educate your team on how to interact with prospects.

  1. Steemit
  2. Reddit
  3. Telegram
  4. Quora
  5. Conventional social media.

In the 4th post in the series, How to Market an ICO: A 5 step action plan to launch your solution, we’ll look at the potential for ICO calendars to ensure success in: Action 4: ICO calendars to ensure success.

Are you looking for a content writer for your ICO?

A persuasive white paper uses simple language to explain your complex solution. I understand the technology behind your product, your solution.  I can translate that complexity into easy-to-read content for prospective investors.

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How to Market an ICO – Action 2: Building awareness and authority with a project website

ICO project website

A 5-step action plan to launch your solution


The project website is a fundamental part of your ICO marketing. By designing a site that provides a seamless visitor experience, your offering stands out from the crowd. And there is a crowd. The website contains all the information in the ICO white paper, and more. It displays your brand and validates your claims.

With input from graphic and web designers, establish a theme for the site that showcases your offering. Make sure the site is robust, secure, and easy to navigate. Keep branding consistent and make sure all copy is clear and professional. Make sure ICO project website is ready to go before the white paper is published.

This series of posts, How to Market an ICO: A 5 step action plan to launch your solution, describes a 5-step action plan to market your ICO. The second action is to develop a project website that builds awareness and authority.

Action 2: Building awareness and authority with a project website

Your website needs structure and content to encourage investment. You want your website to inform prospective investors while instilling a fear-of-missing-out.


All information on your website must be accessible in a logical and consistent way. A good way to make sure all information is on the site and in a logical structure is to build a site map. Get the team together and brainstorm page ideas. Sort the pages into categories and map them out.


All successful ICO project websites will have the pages dedicated to the following:

  • About Us
    • History of the company
    • Team
    • Partners, advisors, early adopters
  • Overview of the project
    • ICO White paper landing page (gated to collect leads)
    • Downloads
      • One-page summary of the ICO white paper
      • Case studies
      • Relevant research articles
  • Token sale structure
    • CTA link to pre-token sale or to get whitelisted
  • Roadmap with milestones and dates
  • Project Blog
  • Media
    • Press releases
    • Media coverage
  • Legal section

Put contact details on every page

Make sure your contact details are visible on every page. Place contact information in the footer or side bar and include links to social media sites.


Each project will have its own unique content needs that will be reflected in the site map developed above. However, there are critical elements that must be included for your offering to succeed.

Project overview

Explain the problem and how it affects the community. Go on to list the benefits provided by your solution. Benefits to the community and more specifically what buying your tokens will mean for investors.


ICO project website

Investors want to know you have a plan. On the website you have a perfect opportunity to explain the development roadmap graphic created for the white paper. Describe the project as a story, starting with the understanding of a problem that your ICO solves. Move through the roadmap explaining key milestones and defining key performance indicators.

Include set dates for your alpha release, beta release, public release, and all significant future milestones. Don’t be vague. In fact, be as specific as possible. Provide a breakdown of costs associated with each task for investor scrutiny. Transparency is the goal.

Token sale structure

One section that many ICOs fail to provide is a page devoted to the token sale structure. Provide a short summary of the token generation methodology. Include terms of the token sale, pricing, purchase methods, token distribution, fund allocation, etc. Give enough information to allow prospects to evaluate your tokens current worth and future value.

Have a prominent call-to-action so prospects can act. Tell them what you want them to do – buy tokens in most cases. Make it easy and secure.


Plan your blog as you plan the project website. Brainstorm with the team to develop a blog calendar. Start with keywords and keyword phrases that investors search for. By basing topics on keywords you improve your site’s SEO scores.

A blog is a longer-term marketing asset that will continue to provide value through the ICO and beyond to project implementation. Post consistently. Keep investors interested and involved. Monitor and reply to comments in a considered way. Provide value rather than a hard sell.


Have a page for a legal notice or a disclaimer, which should contain any important restrictions or notifications. These may be about exempting certain countries’ residents from buying the project’s tokens due to local laws, or simply letting future investors know that the investment itself won’t guarantee profits.

Create urgency

All your ICO marketing has one primary goal: to get investors to buy your token. Start-ups in the blockchain space move quickly and investors are eager to take advantage of opportunities. This can lead to investors fearing that if they don’t act quickly, the opportunity will slip away. This is the Fear-of-Missing-Out – FOMO.

Create FOMO on the front page of your project website by including a graphic of the token sale structure. From this graphic send the prospect through to the webpage that further explains the advantages of taking action now. Provide a clear call-to-action that instils a FOMO.


The ICO project website is a fundamental part of marketing an ICO. By using information from the ICO white paper, you not only have ready-made content, but you also show consistency in brand and information across the project. The website provides a platform for a project blog and a place for a landing page for the white paper. The site should be up and running before the white paper is ready to publish. Start building interest through site contents and a consistent blog.

Next week, the 3rd post in the series, How to Market an ICO: A 5 step action plan to launch your solution, explores the power of social media in: Action 3: Engaging the crypto community on social media.

Are you looking for a white paper writer for your ICO?

A persuasive white paper uses simple language to explain your complex solution. I understand the technology behind your product, your solution.  I can translate that complexity into easy-to-read content for prospective investors.

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How to Market an ICO: Action 1: Writing a compelling white paper

A 5-step action plan to launch your solution


You recognized a problem. You developed a solution suited to a decentralized platform. You have an amazing team onboard. Responses from initial users are encouraging. You’re ready to launch your coin offering. Now you need to market the ICO.

Marketing is an important aspect of marketing an ICO. Your prospective investors need information before they commit their hard-earned cash to your project.

Although the exact order in which they are implemented is secondary, every ICO marketing/launch plan needs to include five key actions:

  1. Writing a compelling ICO white paper
  2. Listing on ICO calendars
  3. Paying for advertising.

This series of posts, How to Market an ICO: A 5 step action plan to launch your solution, describes a 5-step action plan to market your ICO. The first action is to write a compelling ICO white paper and this first post explains how to write a compelling ICO white paper.

Action 1: Writing a compelling ICO white paper

An ICO whitepaper has one goal: to persuade investors to buy the tokens issued as part of the ICO. To do this, the ICO whitepaper must inform, persuade, satisfy, and reassure those investors. At the same time, an ICO whitepaper is a business plan, charting the actions of the project moving forward.

In actual fact, in marketing an initial coin offering, you are going to need two white papers: the first is the business plan and the second a technical backgrounder that contains your source code.  This post is about the first type – the compelling, persuasive document that draws investors in and convinces them to act.

Structure it to educate

The structure should have a natural flow that starts with general information and moves on to more detail and technical information. All white papers have the same basic structure. It’s okay to mix it up a bit but the following sections can be found in most successful ICO white papers.

Table of Contents

A Table of Contents that lists headings and sub-heading provides an outline of the white paper. This allows readers to see the layout and understand the flow of the story. Made interactive in the pdf/online version of the document, it enables skimming.


The Introduction does just that – it introduces the project in a way the encourages your audience to read on. This section is a summary of the white paper; briefly discussing each section. Think of your white paper as a story. In the introduction tell your audience what you are going to tell them.

The problem

This is where you explain the industry-specific problem your product will solve. Analyse the market and identify trends over time.

Your solution

Here you describe the goal of your project. Explain how your offering solves an industry-specific problem. Use reliable date presented as graphs to illustrate complex concepts.

Provide a product description that includes prototype data, any first users, and the development strategy. If there is an ecosystem and users already in place, chances of token survival on the market increase. Be sure to include these details in the ICO white paper.

The team

One of the most defining aspects of any ICO, and a hugely deciding factor in whether the project will be successful or not, is the team. Provide information about your team early in the white paper. For each team member, provide a picture, a brief bio piece, and a description of their role in the project. Include their project email address and a link to their LinkedIn profile.

Tokens and the project economy

Here you describe how the token operates, its role in the project’s business model, and the process of distributing tokens among ICO participants. Provide details on what is ready and what will be developed after the ICO.

Discuss the value of the token, how it differs from other tokens, and how it can be traded. Explain what the company will do to increase its value. Give your readers details of token distribution, including any distributed to the project team.

Think about presenting the data in the form of diagrams and graphs to help prospective investors understand complex principles more easily

Use of funds

Include a detailed plan of how the funds will be used.  Investors want to know where their money will be going and how much is needed to complete certain important project tasks..

Don’t talk about items of expenditure like networking event, professional development, or miscellaneous. The ICO white paper should clearly state that all the money collected will be spent on project development, and nothing else.

The Development Roadmap

The ICO white paper must include a development roadmap. Using visuals, a roadmap gives investors an idea of where the project is heading and assures them that you understand the marketplace.

ICO white paper

The development roadmap will contain a description of the project as well as development plans for the next one to two years. You need to convince investors that it can be commercialised and adopted.

Design it for readability

Now that the white paper is drafted, think about formatting. Remember not all your readers will read your entire ICO white paper.  Many readers (43%, according to Hubspot) admit to skimming content.  Rather than being offended by this, play to those readers.  Cater to all readers with the design of the paper.

White space

Dense blocks of text can intimidate readers. Clever use of white space – areas with no text or graphics – will lessen the stress. Put in a few pull quotes to add variety to the blog’s visual flow. 

Headings and subheadings

Headings and subheadings help maintain the logical flow of the paper as well as providing a break from blocks of text. Skimmers can get the gist of the topic without having to read the entire paper.

Bulleted or numbered lists

Break up blocks of text with bulleted or numbered lists.  They cater to skimmers and help organize information into short concise portions.


Photos, in general, have no place in an ICO white paper. The tone of the document should be focused on education not entertainment. Infographics, however, are particularly effective in an ICO white paper. Reliable data presented in graphs, charts, and tables add visual appeal while providing in-depth analysis.

Promote it to engage

Once your writer has drafted the ICO white paper, the team needs to review the document carefully. Work with your writer to action any comments or edits. Send the final reviewed document to the graphic designer for that professional look. At this point you may want to consider sending it out for a trusted 3rd party technical review.

Once the ICO white paper is ready, it’s time to get it out there. How to promote your ICO white paper? Read on.

Landing page

A landing page is a page on your website that persuades interested readers to provide their contact details for access to the white paper. A landing page will have a picture of the ICO white paper, a brief, engaging summary of the offering, and a form. After filling in the form a Call-to-Action button gives your prospective investor access to the paper.

Project website and blog

In next week’s post, we’ll look in more detail at the project website and blog. Announce the release of the ICO white paper in the sidebar on the frontpage of the website. Include a link to the landing page.

The project blog is another place to market your white paper. Send out a post about the upcoming white paper. Follow up with one about it when it is launched. Keep posting about it with a CTA to your landing page on every post.


You may already have an email list of prospective investors. Send out emails to your list with a link to the landing page as well at a pdf of the ICO white paper. Since the recipient of the email is already on your list you don’t need to send them to the landing page. However, they may share the email and the link with new prospects.

Social media

Post a summary of the ICO white paper with links to your landing page on all social media sites. Keep the team engaged and make sure someone responds to any comments.


Next week, the 2nd post in the series, How to Market an ICO: A 5 step action plan to launch your solution, will look at the project website and blog in: Action 2: Building awareness and authority with a project website.

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